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Sebastian Escultor

Geometría emocional

Sebastian Escultor

Spanish edition. Also available in English.

The most international of contemporary Mexican artists, inventor of a sculptural language of his own that draws its inspiration from geometry and mathematics, encounters here a critical and visual approach to his sculptures.

The pages of this monographic study describe Sebastian’s fascination for symmetry and his vocation for reflecting the abstract idea as an aesthetic experience, which are the seed of the myriad sculptures seen for decades in all corners of the world. Geometría emocional widely captures the most significant of Sebastian’s urban monumental art and represents an in-depth approach to the thought and work of this singular creator.


Title: Sebastian Escultor
Author(s): Jorge Volpi
Series: Arte y Fotografía
Binding: Hardback
Format: 24 x 33
Pages: 308
ISBN: 978-84-7506-652-3
Edition: Español

Price: 60.00 €

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Volpi, Jorge


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