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Firmado: Nikola Tesla

Escritos y cartas, 1890-1943

Firmado: Nikola Tesla

Besides inventing engines and turbines, dreaming about a world of remote-controlled vessels and wireless towers, erecting huge magical laboratories from which lightning and artificial storms would emerge, and even designing household devices, Nikola Tesla wrote a great deal. Letters to his family describing his successes and plans; letters to his bosses and patrons to talk about his projects and dreams; letters to friends and newspapers, letters of complaint, and requests for money... As well as many articles about energy, inventions and science. But others, too, about current and unusual events, because Tesla had an opinion about almost everything and firmly believed the world was hanging on his every word. Delving into the hundreds of his documents which have been preserved (what could there be in those which have vanished?), this anthology written in his own very hand is the most personal and human portrait of a forgotten genius, whom history has given a second chance in the twenty-first century.

It includes a full timeline of Tesla’s life, a biography of all the key friends, family members and personages in the inventor’s life and eight pages of original photographs.


Title: Firmado: Nikola Tesla
Author(s): Nikola Tesla , Miguel A. Delgado (Ed.)
Series: Noema
Binding: Paperback with flaps
Format: 14 x 22
Pages: 242
ISBN: 978-84-7506-811-4
Edition: Español

Price: 19.90 €

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Tesla, Nikola
Delgado, Miguel A. (Ed.)


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